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mapaboX is a new format of trivia game. Play online with your friends and have fun!


About game



Players take turns.

If a player gives the right answer, he earns 1 point. In the last 10 round – mapabo X points are multiplied by 2.

If a wrong answer is given, then all the points scored in this round (mapabo) are burned and the player who gave the wrong answer is out from the game in this round.

The player can always use the “pass” option if he does not know the correct answer. At the same time, points, which he scored in this round, will be added to the total number of points scored in the game.

It always makes sense to answer on 1st question of the round for each player, because even if the response will be wrong, the player does not risk anything.
As soon as the player responds and checks the correctness of his answer, he handovers the turn to another player (it does not matter whether the player answered correctly or not).

The winner is the one who scored the most points.